Accessible New York – New Social Networking Site!

Welcome to Accessible New York – the hot new social networking site for accessibility ratings and reviews of NYC’s dining, shopping, and cultural destinations. Accessible New York has a mission to create communities that are welcoming towards people with disabilities.

We hope you join us in that mission and start using our new site today, on the web at Accessible New York, or by copying this address into you browser window: ” “.

At our website, you can:

* Find accessibility ratings and reviews for tons of NYC restaurants, bars, stores, museums, and even parks and hotels.
* Contribute your own ratings and reviews for these hot destinations, or add your favorite places to our growing list.
* Read blogs by our staff, learn about our history, and join in the conversation.
* Contribute to the growing number of people in New York City who are doing something to make our communities more accessible!

To contribute to the conversation, you can sign up for a user account here: Accessible New York User Account Sign Up. Signing up is free and only takes a minute!

So join in the fun, and start making New York City more Accessible today at Accessible New York!!!

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